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The Story So Far.

In 2014, our little team embarked on a worldwide tour to get capital into Southeast Asian startups. We took the flights, the calls, the meetings. A lot of them. And now, we are staring at the 240+ startups we funded, and a phone screen full of the most used apps that shape our society.

Some of them are $1B+ unicorns with many more getting big real fast. More importantly, they are serving hundreds and millions of people. From the cities to the edges of society, we are humbled by how these startups are uplifting our economies.

Recently, COVID-19 made that very clear to us that our future needs rebuilding. We're betting that these startups will get that done.

Oh, you may have guessed by now we are a venture capital firm. We call ourselves 500 Startups. Founded in Silicon Valley, our firm has invested in 2,400 startups in 76 countries. The $1B+ unicorns? We've 19 of them at the time of writing. We're writing from the team that led the Southeast Asian activity, backing unicorns like Grab and Bukalapak. But there's more to changing the world than unicorns. This is why, we're not stopping there.

A personal note from the General Partners of 500 Southeast Asia (500 Durians), Vishal & Khailee, 25th September, 2020.

Our vision for the next decade.

Startups are a gruelling sport. Giving founders in Southeast Asia the capital and connections is the start. But we want them (and their teams) to have the best tools, mental strength and support systems. We need to be doing all this in ways that are profitable to our investors. We've also been working on ESG, connecting impact investors to the region, leveraging data, publishing original research, government and corporate engagement, and building our own tech to be efficient in doing so. Yes, we know that's a lot of work!

This is why we're starting with building the deepest team stack in Malaysia and Singapore we can possibly build. We're building this to serve our startups better. So they can in turn, define the decade to come.

If what you've read so far doesn't scare you, read on.

We are looking for fellow human beings who tend to fall in love with their work. If you've felt this before, you know the feeling. It feels even better when you're in a team that feels the same.

Know someone like that? Share this page with them. Or, maybe that person is you? In any case, we hope you find what you're about to read interesting, as we make the choices today to define the next decade.

Vishal Harnal & Khailee Ng
General Partners,
500 Startups Southeast Asia a.k.a 500 Durians


Wake Up to the Greatest Perk: The Work.

Which position describes the work you love the most?


Chief of Staff (KL)
Manager level or above, with proven experience.

The leadership of 500 Southeast Asia needs a right hand. Overseeing areas of people, operations, process design, special projects, and liaising with all levels of 500, founders, press, our investors, and co-investors. It's the ultimate 360 degree immersion into the world of venture capital. Ultimately, you process team ambition to team execution. This role has a track to becoming an Operating Partner in the fund. You'll work directly with the General Partners as their closest collaborator.


Capital Formation (SG)
Associate or manager level or above, with transferable or proven experience.

We have sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, pensions, multi-nationals, ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and some very influential folks entrusting us with their capital. You are a magnet for that capital. You strategise, organise, and execute the increase in our assets under management. This means you'll pick up that phone, take the meetings, wine, dine (over Zoom as well), and convey our proposition to the right people. You'll work directly with the General Partners.


Strategic Development (KL)
Analyst, associate, or manager level, with transferable or proven experience.

We have a pretty big portfolio of companies that will need your help. You will understand them, how to pitch them, and help them fundraise. You will help them with strategic connections that will unlock their growth. You will analyse their numbers and help them see the things they need to see. You'll also help the General Partners assess if the company is on or off track, and get the full force of 500 behind them. You're their guardian angel looking out for them, except you're wielding a Spreadsheet and 500's rolodex. Management consultants, investment bankers, and financial analysts who know their numbers may apply. You will work with our Manager of Strategic Development, as well as our General Partners.


Strategic Operations (KL)
Analyst or associate level, with transferable or proven experience.

Every great deal comes with the intricacies of getting it done. Historically, recovering lawyers who crave creative and commercial work find the right balance with this role. You'll need to understand the paperwork, the shareholder dynamics, the founder's underlying needs, and come up with commercial solutions to balance a variety of demands. You will then need to guide our outside counsel / lawyers, and finally get the deal done - the right way. You will work with our Associate and our Asia Pacific Counsel, our Manager of Strategic Development, as well as the General Partners.


Content & Communications (KL)
Associate or Managerial level, with transferable or proven experience.

The headlines for startups are often too much about funding. It's up to us to tell a broader story. The lessons, the impact, the innovation, the insights. How? There's a variety of audiences and platforms. How do we build the machinery to tell a broader story? You'll be the chief producer and editor, triangulating between PR, our social media accounts, and managing potential writers and content creators. You'll craft the strategy, create content experiments, and track the analytics to guide what's next. You will work with our People & Ops team and our General Partners.


Data Analyst (KL)
Analyst or associate level, with transferable or proven experience.

We have data. A lot of it. It's captured in emails, PDF shareholder agreements, and progress reports. While we are in pursuit of tech to read, parse, and structure all of it, you're part of that process. You join a pioneer team led by experienced data experts. As the industry evolves, you're seeing the math, the patterns and the data first hand, seeding the insights, research, and decision making. We're counting on you and your team to pull it all together for us. You will work with our Data Team under the purview of our group CFO.


Summer Analyst (KL/SG)
Internship, students or graduates may apply.

Hey, it's always summer in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore! We hire for this all year round. Get involved in all kinds of special projects: from investment research to developing new processes and initiatives. Every analyst will be guaranteed involvement in deal screening, sitting in on founder interviews, and deliberating real investment decisions. You are also guaranteed interactions with the General Partners, and coached in areas of investment analysis. This is real world experience in venture capital that is difficult to obtain. Our Summer Analysts program provide us pipeline to future employment, so you can bet this will be a summer well spent!

We intend on filling these positions by November, shortlisting and interviewing candidates by the end of October. We want the full team to start in 2021 afresh! If there is interest in any of these roles, read the full job descriptions, and make your application.

Our Lovely Offices Await You

500 Startups Kuala Lumpur

We got the whole top floor in Menara Etiqa, the newest building in Bangsar, connected to the Bangsar LRT station.

500 Startups Singapore

Capital Tower, Tanjong Pagar. It's in a great location, close to just about everything. Even by Singaporean standards.

500 Startups WFH

We have been working from kitchens, living rooms, and with video off, way before Zoom had fancy virtual background images to hide our home clutter. You can bet you can attend a conference call or two in pajamas. Pic:

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